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I started Victory Tails when I was being outsmarted by a goldendoodle…

Jasper (said goldendoodle) was a bit notorious in the neighborhood. Everyone knew the girl being dragged down the street from mailbox to tree to neighbors dog by the large fluffy canine (and that was only one of his naughty behaviors).

I’d tried waving treats in his face (Steak to be exact), yelling, stopping and ignoring, you name it I probably tried it. This dog was untrainable, or so I believed. 

To give some perspective, at the time he was still a young tyrant of my life, I was juggling college and two jobs, one of which happened to be at the local Humane Society (The other a waitressing job I’d had since I was 16) While at the shelter I learned a lot of things, a lot of which have shaped how I see dogs today. But the biggest thing that was really getting under my skin was what people were wanting to surrender or return dogs for.

Jumping, peeing on their carpet, separation anxiety, pulling them down the road, barking, chewing, and the list goes on and I was thinking to myself well hows the dog supposed to know any better if you never teach them. They’re just being a dog. And it clicked. Cartoon light bulb and all.  Jasper was just being a dog. He had no ill intentions. He had no secret vendetta. Jasper was just a social butterfly that didn’t know there even was a right or wrong choice because I had never been able to communicate with him what that was.

So I learned how to talk to my dog in a way he would understand. In a way that would build a relationship of trust and respect between us. And suddenly I wasn’t that girl on the end of the leash pulling her hair out at the thought of walking her dog. I was walking with no leash, with a confident happy dog, getting to enjoy the freedom of just being together.  And that was priceless.

I realized I wanted to give others that same feeling. And the rest is like they say history. Victory Tails was born.
I’ve since transitioned from dog training to the wonderful world of holistic energy healing and Reiki. In combination with training I see such amazing changes in our relationships and understanding of our companions. 


Viktoria Miller

Owner/Reiki Healer

Having spent years working at a humane society, vet assistant and dog trainer, she’s seen every side of the dog world. 

She has a passion for helping the whole dog, combining proper nutrition, exercise and training to give them the best lives we can offer. As a certified Master Reiki healer she also brings in holistic energy healing to better dogs overall emotional and physical health.

Her dogs are family through and through and she enjoys spending her free time working with them on various dog sports.

She believes in a balanced approach to dog training, teaching the dog how to make great choices and clear communication between dog and human.

What We Do

Proper Nutrition

We strive to see every dog nutritionally balanced and living a long healthy life.


We help you build clear communication with your animal to understand their needs.


We work with your animal and you to find what works best for their healing


Mansfield, Ohio


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Offering holistic animal healing services in Mansfield, Ashland, Lexington, Ontario and surrounding Ohio areas.