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The ravings of a dog trainer, tips and guidance on having the very best adventure with your dog. 
Tales of one fed up old goldendoodle and one bright eyed young belgian malinois.
Here we document our adventures, our advice and our stories. 

Our Top Tips for Vacationing with Dogs

What we learned while traveling with our dogs to the beach. See what mistakes we made on our trip to the Outer Banks and what we did right. The local wildlife can be a bit crabby! We just got back from a wonderful vacation to the Outer Banks. I miss the sun and sand...

The top 5 fresh foods to add to your dog’s food.

So you buy the best dog food you can find for your dog. You're diligent in checking the ingredients, knowing the source and keeping your dog healthy with just the right amount fed. But did you know your dog is missing out if only eating those little brown dry balls?...

The Honeymoon Phase (Or Transplant Shock)

The honeymoon phase. You've just made the wonderful decision to adopt a dog. The dog was laid back and sweet at the adoption event. You brought them home and things were going wonderfully, but what seems like overnight your sweet new companion is turning into a bit of...

X-Pen (The King of babysitters for your new puppy)

X-Pens and I have a sordid love affair. I wrote this post on facebook ages ago (Around christmas in fact) and it deserves to be re-stated here. X-pens! The best friend you didn't know you needed. If you are one of many who got an adorable fluffy little puppy this...

11 Common things we like and one uncommon one

A handy dandy list of the more common (and uncommon) things we love and use (Some of these are affiliate links which just means we make a small portion of the sale at no extra charge to you. We loved these products far before we made any money on them) PetSafe Treat...

I scream for icecream. Pups bark for pupsicles.

I scream for ice cream. Well, more like I splurge on a carton at Krogers and sprawl in front of the A/C course that doesn't rhyme as well. But what does this have to do with dogs? They bark for ...pupsicles! There's no rhyme to be had here. I tried gang. (And...

I corrected my dog today

I corrected my dog today. Now some of you may be scratching your head saying yes...and? But this is an important statement. There comes a time in training when your dog is ready for a correction, a negative (or positive if you're looking at the 4 quadrants*)...

Volunteering at your local shelter

Taking one dog for a walk may not seem like much of a difference, but it's a massive difference to that one dog. Some of you may already know but I was an employee of our local humane society for a few years. Walking in the first thing on your mind is getting the dogs...

Does my dog have separation anxiety?

Does my dog have separation anxiety? True separation anxiety is actually fairly rare in the dog world but it does happen. So the question is does my dog have separation anxiety or are they just not sure how to act when I'm gone? Knowing the difference Does your...

What do I feed my dog? Does it matter?

" ...if people really knew the quality of food they are feeding their pets, they would be totally appalled." - Dr. Karen Becker The more I show people what ingredients are actually in their dog's food, the more I see this reaction. And pet food companies are not...

What does your dog need most from you?

What does your dog need most from you? Structure & Clarity. That's the short answer. The long? Let's say we know a guy henceforth named George. George just got a new job. His boss is very nice. She rewards her employees for a job well done with surprise prizes and...

Baby It’s Cold Outside & My Dog Is A Nutcase of Energy

So. It begins. The dreaded…winter. We’ve finally seen the cold snap and the dusting of that wrenched white fluff. On the bright side we’ve had quite the delay in cold temperatures, on the downside my body hasn’t had the gentle down cline into colder temps it’s used...

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Victory Tails is Mansfield, Ashland, Ontario and Lexington Ohio's premier dog training service. We specialize in fixing problem behaviors such as dog aggression, separation anxiety, fearful / reactivity issues, leash pulling, jumping up, barking, toy / food possessive, counter surfing, chewing, running away, selective hearing, play biting, and more. We are professionally certified to train obedience and are leading the area in behavior modification. Teaching skills like heeling (walking politely), sit/stay, down/stay, place command and coming when called allows us to get you a well mannered dog you can enjoy living with. Training with us is joining the Victory Tails family where we guarantee you will get amazing results and reach your goals. Offering private lessons, board and trains, and boarding we can find what is the best fit for you and your dog. After training with us your dog is sure to become the envy of the neighborhood.